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Terms of use

The following document contains the terms and conditions of use of the website, referring to users, borrowers, intellectual property rights and in accordance with its policies.


The portal can be used by anyone who agrees with the provisions established in the Terms and Conditions.
The “” website is not a loan company, but rather an information service that collects information from lenders' websites. Users will never be charged for using the portal.
Possible disputes will be resolved by the Administrator.
It is prohibited to copy and distribute the information contained in the website.
All comments and forum entries posted by other users are the property of the website.
Any questions addressed to the Administrator should be addressed through the contact form located in the tab.


The information on the site does not constitute a commercial offer in light of the applicable legislation, and is only a compilation of information obtained from the web or directly.
The portal is not a loan company, nor is it an advisory office.
Any problems, regulatory inquiries and other similar matters should be reported directly to the loan companies with whom the contract was signed.
The use of the services of the website is and always will be completely free.
Any person using the information collected on the website does so at their own risk, and the Administrator has no consequence on the effects of these activities.
The Administrator reserves the right to change the information contained on the website.


All the contents, information and distinctive signs included on this website or on any of its pages constitute a work owned by CREDITNICE.
Distinctive signs are considered texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, software, domain names, among others, as well as their graphic design, source codes, trademarks, logo-symbols, banners, trade names, slogans, utility models, industrial designs etc.
The use or exploitation of the brand or of some of the distinctive signs of CREDITNICE used by third parties without rights or license, may entail legal consequences under express right.
The user acknowledges and accepts all intellectual property rights over the contents and/or any other elements inserted in this website.


Proposals for each type of cooperation must be sent through the contact form on the tab.
The Administrator reserves the right to answer only certain questions.


Users accept the policies and conditions when browsing the website, thus expressing their full compliance with the conditions established here.